A Herd of Mooses

It all started when McDonald’s was giving away those beanies. One of my kids was a manager at the local store and he got me my first moose. TFMoose rode shotgun in my car for years. In our little group, we each had our animal: pig, cow, penguin, crab. And that started this insanity.

Over the years Christmases and birthdays and other occasions brought another moose. For an animal that lives a solitary life in the wild, in my living room they are a raging herd. Not only does the herd grow constantly, but TFMoose has become the mascot and name for my web design and graphics.

I have moose jewelry. There are a myriad of beanie moose. There is a Radio Moose, a welcome plaque moose, several Christmas mooses, a Mrs. Moose, glass moose, funny moose, ornament moose, moose pillows, moose posters, salt and pepper mooses, moose cups, cuddly moose, moose letter holders, albino moose, basket moose, and moose stationery. There’s even a moose in an outhouse reading a paper (one of my friends knows my warped sense of humor). The only moose I don’t have right now is a toilet paper holder moose.

Moose in the wild have been a favorite animal of mine for years, even before it became fashionable to collect them. They are a magnificent animal that live alone in the northern forests and only seldom join others of their kind. I had never thought I would really see one in the wild and would have to content myself with the National Geographic specials about them. Then, I moved to the Upper Midwest. About a year after I got here, I caught my first glimpse of one. He was striding down the meridian of the freeway on the edges of the western suburbs. He was magnificent. And, I’m happy to say, he was able to get across the freeway and disappear into suburbia without getting hurt. Unfortunately the one who wandered into one of the towns around the lake I live on did not fare so well. Instead of sedating him and moving him to open forests, the local police shot him.

Will I continue to collect moose? Yes. Undoubtedly friends and family will add to my herd in the future. And I found one online just recently that is out of glass. And I also found a bookmark at the local Made in Minnesota store that I use daily. My fellow students think my bookmark is “unique.” As the holiday season approaches I am rearranging the Christ-mooses. The Canadian Mountie Moose will stand guard over the Christmas tree along with the Nutcracker. And the one bearing gifts will stand under the table on which the tree stands. This will be the Christ-moose of mooses.

Happy Holiday season.

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